Mara Jade Skywalker, Jedi Master

Once Emperor Palpatine's personal assassin, Mara Jade married Luke Skywalker and became a Jedi Master during the New Jedi Order.


This piece is stunning. It's relatively simple in design, but masterfully done. I can see a little of Shannon McRandal in your portrayal of Mara, but she still has her own look too. I also like the blue. It offsets the traditional Jedi earthtones nicely. I've never really been jealous of Luke Skywalker before. :)

Also... Congrats on this being featured art!!


Thank you all for the comments! Yay, my first time as a Featured Artist!

There have not been enough depictions of Mara out of her typical catsuit, and I wanted to stay true to her appearance in "Star Wars Invasion," hence the blue robes. Also, Shannon McRandle will always be Mara Jade to me, and I'm glad you could spot the resemblance!

Yes, Mara is looking at a hologram of Hosk Station. Good eye!


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