Lyder Falling to the Dark SIde

I think by now everybody knows the story of Lyder nearly falling to the Dark Side. This is an illustration of him during that period in his life.


I love your work. The color is spot on and your expresions of the characters make you wonder what they are thinking. Thank you for putting them up.

Lord Crumb

Excellent! The dark setting around him and the facial growth and the eyes do add to the dark side effect.

-LC :-)


I love the style! Great work! Your gallery is fantastic!
Could you please see my request?
Thank you very much


Thwooooh. *runs away screaming*...Did I mention how AWESOMELY AWESOME this is?!

By your description, I'm guessing he didn't fall to the Dark Side, he got back? I feel so reassured that Lyder isn't evil after all! *no sarcasm*


Might be just me, but I can't help but feel that the subject's widening thighs and hips as well as his stance and "cleavage" give him an overall feminine look compared to his earlier more broad-shouldered, muscly, masculine appearances.

I'm just saying, don't crucify me yet, it's still a great piece.