P2IA Protocol Droid

Tired of your clunky, run down, or just plain common protocol unit? The Lovolan company has the answer for you! Produced in a limited number at our core world factories, the P2IA Droid is little more than a 0.15 meter disc in diameter, and hovers just overhead, projecting an image of your choice. Humanoid, quadruped, or insectoid, the P2IA's 'face' is up to you.

Though nothing more than an intangible holoprojection, the P2IA interacts with others in its environment as any other corporeal form would. The hovering disc is equipped with a fine grasper arm, internal comlink, and universal-head scomp-link for unlimited access to computer consoles. Additionally, it is equipped with both a holoprojector and holocam, allowing it to not only project a vast array of images and virtual environments, but to record messages and function as its owner's courier.

When powered down, the P2IA can fit in a simple, but stylish belt pouch (sold seperately). This limited edition Human-Cyborg relations unit can be yours for the reasonable price of 18,000 credits. Own yours today!

As an aside, a common flutter of the P2IA is an almost insatiable curiosity, as well as mild wanderlust. This particular model, named 'Ghost' by her owner, tires of the monotonous and shallow galas and social events she finds herself functioning in. She longs to explore the galaxy and learn more of her surroundings.

Medium: Pencil, Ink, Photoshop

Evan Black

Member since: 2007
Logan, Utah, United States