The Queen of Ranroon

The Queen Of Ranroon, flagship of Xim The Despot.


I love the fact that you are finally giving Xim and his legend beautiful images! You always give me something useful, Stirzy.



Very nice. I remember Han Solo and Chewie finding the treasure vaults of Xim, but was "The Queen" ever found? Otherwise, this remarkable piece of artwork could serve as an excellent plot device for an "Indiana Jones"-type adventure of reclaiming long, lost treasure!

"Cut to the cheese already!"


Very good work, Stirzy! All your gallery is great!
Could you see my request for my RPG :);)
Thank you


Woah!! from the preview in your gallery, I thought is was a glowey fish...lolz. Anyway, great! ALWAYS GREAT!


Great look for Xim's flagship :) I was wondering if you will be making other capital ships designs of Xim's era? They talk about his massive droid armies, of which your design looks superb, and fleets but no description as to how they look like. They say the Cal-class battleships are derived in part from Xim's ships but its really not detailed enough ;)

Keep up the excellent work! No pressure xD


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