Salty here began as a self portrait and, well, things went horribly awry.
So I guess this is what I would look like if I was about 25 years older.
And a cyborg.


Y'mean you're NOT a cyborg? :P

He looks GREAT, btw. Very strong sense of character, there!

[And that gizmo on his cybernetic arm looks nasty! What is it, some sort of flamethrower type deal?)


He looks bitter about something. I just am jealous. I'd give my left arm for a left arm like that.


That gizmo IS in fact a flamethrower. Just didn't feel right without it.

Also, just because I have a chip in my head that broadcasts my thoughts as a subliminal message everytime someone plays 'Sweet Caroline" doesn't mean I'm a cyborg.

Maybe he's bitter because I didn't draw his legs........


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