Sara Kalenath Ordo

New request from Kalenath:

Genetically enhanced to be a super soldier from even before she was born, she is one step removed from madness. So her family, which is a lot of people now INCLUDING my Bladeborn, are trying very hard to keep her sane now.

Her armor is standard Mandalorian armor at that point, it is a dark grey. Any color that seems like that would work. Her black hair is cut short to fit better under a helmet, not military style short, but not down to her neck.
She is not distinctive in any way but her eyes, she likes it that way. She has the 'thousand yard stare' that you see on combat vets in her eyes, awful for a fourteen year old.

Sara is fifteen, average size for her age, but well muscled and well developed. The people who raised her in cells until she was 12 wanted the ultimate salve super soldier. She has black hair and green eyes, just like her brother Will. In this scene she was wearing full armor, but you can show her without a helmet and with a wide, somewhat maniacal smile on her face. She is NOT all that tightly wrapped, and VERY protective of family and friends.

link to The Taming of the Shades HERE


Np, I was bored. :P

Besides, its so much fun to see someone like her doing something TOTALLY nuts. Like using a flamethrower on a shapeshifting bounty hunter. XD

Lord Crumb

It looks great. The crazed look says it all plus the flames. I can just hear someone shouting, "Run! Sara has been off her meds again!"

Kia kaha


Nicely done Mercy!

She looks totally wicked!

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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I. J. Thompson

Wow, really nice! And I could be wrong, but I'm thinking it's a rare thing for you to do faces straight-on. Anyway, love it! Particularly the hair.


I really like the background work, the fire just adds so much to the maniacal look she possesses. ;)
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