A Shistavanen, a Fosh and a Thakwaash walk into a bar...

...actually, they do nothing of the sort. They would much rather bury themselves away into isolated corners and deal with their inner demons by themselves because we're all scared and confused and none of us are particularly good at talking things out. Jak tries to work out who she is, but between instinct and duty and uncertainty of her own wishes can't make ends meet, and she feels bad about everything. Evi is kind confused and horrified by what she's recently discovered she's capable of. Equisha doesn't know how to deal with the bad bad bad personality that keeps trying to take charge, and is still repressing that 'incident' with the civilians in the factory... Issues. We have them.


We certainly do. You should see how many issues are flying around the last outlaw. It's like a soap opera in space.

But on a far more related note, this is great. As usual. I especially like the Jak part.


your capture of moods and emotions are wonderful. The subtle little gesture you capture on so good it is wonderful


Jak parts are always the best parts. ;)

But, heehee, 'soap opera in space' -- I like it, Anarch. Pretty much exactly describes some of the dramas that go on in-game, and I wouldn't have it any other way!!


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