Star Wars Iron Knights Wallpaper

This is my new wallpaper, reflecting the story I've been working on.
May turn out to be the cover art when I'm done with it. :)

Character List:
Master John Wolf, (Gray Jedi).
Pino'Chett, (Twi'lek Padawan to Master Wolf).
Eralam & Nextor, (Iron Knights).
Darth Erradus, (Sith Cyborg).


very cool. Well balanced and put together beautifully. Love the face in the corner. Any plans on a full scale of that character?


I've been kind of putting the to gather over the last year or two. Compiling pics and research. Eventually I'll get around to one I'm sure. lol
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This is the first attempt at this concept piece and I'm sure I'll end up doing a few more before I'm happy. I want to change up the font for the 'Iron Knights', something more machine, or metal. I might Change up Darth Erradus's ship to a more current model in tune with the Legacy era, which is when this story will take place.
"Creation is a Gift... Use it well."


Nice work, John - I am liking that Sith cyborg quite a lot. I kind of like your Iron Knights font as is - it still flows with the star wars logo.


Totally love this piece! The Iron Knights look so fierce and deadly, their appearance actually does justice to the title of Iron Knight. Maybe its partially the likeness of the armor to the Medieval styled suits of armor. A nice touch is the glowing forearm shields.

If you havn't already done a solo piece of the two Iron Knights on their own, you'll definitely have to at some point :)

Nice to see Pino in there, as well as your namesake character in equally fitting heavy powered armor.

The Cyborg Sith Lord is also refreshingly original.

As for the font and border wrap - I think keep the font as is, with the border wrap. All you'd need to do is apply a similar style of metalic armor plating as to what the Iron Knights have - the same tones of color, and segments of that rough "brushed steel" plate armor. Then I think the title would definitely have alot more "pop" :)
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