Talking Around the Point

Before we broke Hoth.

grados nakar'mir

yeah same thing happened to our partymy guy was to stubburn so my freind zane and his girlfreind lexi went for directions and got the same reaction from the locals while i roam aimlessly around getting myself lost and even started a bar fight god that was a fun time


Very nicely done.  So... when a being a furry as a Shistavanen has a fur lined coat, is it real fur, or faux fur?  :)


Hmmm! Well, it's an Imperial issue extreme-conditions jacket, and Jak (at this point in her life, anyway!) has no particularly strong ethical issues with wearing actual hides. So it's probably real, and in all likelihood... probably tauntaun.


The lighting of your art has been blowing me away for some time now. I must learn your secrets...


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