Triffian Vender

My entry for the eighth round of the SWAG Theme Art contest: "Burnt Out"

Our Triffian friend is selling Malasada's Munchies! What's a Munchie, you ask? Why, only the biggest treat that's fun to eat in the galaxy!

This line of confections was started by Malasada the Hutt, a cheery fellow who finds joy in the smiles of younglings. Try a Space Slug, which comes with a plastic replica of one of six of the galaxy's most heroic starships. Collect all six!

Just in time for the holidays is the Life Day Tree. Modeled after the gargantuan Wroshyr Trees of Kashyyyk, these delights can bring a sweet spirit to your holiday celebrations!

Or go for Malasada's favorite, the original Munchie! This succulent pastry is filled with a creamy chancho sauce and sprinkled with every color of the spectrum. Available in standard and Hutt-sizes! Buy a pack and share with your friends!


Drig said this is the coolest picture he's seen since the hiatus began. Good job!

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