Wedding Request

Request from Stevenlockhart for a very special picture of the happy couple as Han and Leia.
This was to be displayed at the book-signing table.

Took me about 8 hours to do, finishing on Saturday evening (USA Sat morning), as I didn't get photos until that morning.

The wedding was set for the 10th (Sunday) so I hope it was in time to be used.
I still haven't heard back from him, so I am crossing my fingers!!

~ Mercy


Very, very good. My hat is off to you. You are a special person for taking that formidable request and delivering such quality.


Oh man, that is friggin' awesome!! :D I'm sure they would have been STOKED-- hopefully just way too flat out with preparations to respond at that time, hah!

(Incidentally, does that mean you're at this end of the planet, Mercy? Aus or NZ or something?)

I. J. Thompson

Awww, that's awesome! I'm sure the happy couple are over the moon about it. :)


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