Without water

(or Mon Cal soldier in Dune Sea)

This is Salmack Ack-Tel a very charming Mon Calamari rebel spec forces soldier that i came into contact with when playing a pbf game with some friends, i really liked the irony of the little aquatic coverd up above his ankles in desert sand.

Hope you liked the idea aswell...

Medium: Mechanical pencil and Photoshop for cleanup and effects


Putting a fish into the hot desert is a neat idea, and this turned out great! I love the shading, and the design for his clothing. He just gotta watch out for the burning sun. That is, both of them.^^ :P


Great design - the irony with the Mon Calamarian in the middle of the desert is not lost on, I can assure you that. The background is also really nice. Looks like the binary suns are really at it - again.