Lannik BountyHunter

Another Just-for-Fun drawing...

As a couple of friends pointed out to me that I should do more B/W pictures, I thought of what species I felt like doing, and the answer was LANNIK.

The Lannik species is a warrior race, and many warriors seem to end up as bountyhunters when they leave the home planet, so this little (120cm) fellow did the same, he became a fierce and deadly hunter, many thought nothing of him becouse of his size, but they would take it back if they met him...

With only a Renegade blaster and a large Vibrodagger, he is even capable to take down a wookie on the loose.

Scars covering his face tells there own tale, what he has done and survived in all his quests.

I enjoyed doing this, so I hope you'll enjoy looking at it!

Medium: Mechanical Pencil, Photoshop (Effects and Retouch)