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Soo, it's SLOW going, but this will at least convey some idea of where I'm going with this. No real lighting setup, lots of time spent on the UV maps thus far. I've only UV'd the actual cockpit hull proper and the obviously textured portion of the hatch. I'm still working on a lot of the other components that are visible here.

I am NOT looking forward to the wings! They are going to be pure pain. I'm hoping the the rest of the hull of the ship will be fairly straight forward since nothing else is spherical or anything. Still I'll probably be stuck on just the cockpit for the rest of this week. I'm not even going to attempt any textures for the internals of the ship, nothing beyond just basic materials.

I'm spending a lot of time setting up ambient occlusion maps to make the details that I worked so hard on stand out. I'm not sure if a really good light setup would fix that problem or not, but seeing as how I'm a total newb to lightning rigs (and texturing but at least I have some moderate clue there) I'm just going to fake it.

Love feedback as always.



Evan Black

Wow is all I can say. This may have been a conscious decision on your part, but the materials that the clawcraft is made of seems to be of a darker material than typical TIE fighters. Is there reason behind this, or am I seeing things, or what?


Definitely a conscious decision. The description of the clawcraft makes the cockpit out to be "black" which is frankly difficult to do since there's really no such thing as black in the natural world, and reproducing real black would make the textures of the ship nearly impossible to see, I chose to go with as dark a grey as I though I could get away with. This seems plenty dark and still allows the details to show through. TIE fighters are kind of a pain (and after working with them on MANY levels for 5+ years now, I should know) because there's always some different color going on with them. Sometimes they're gray (yay) sometimes they're blue (boo) sometimes their schematics are impossibly screwed... it's just painful. Since I'm the only person doing a high-res Clawcraft model at the moment, I kind of have the luck to just follow the book descriptions as closely as possible... not that that doesn't have a host of issues that come with it as well, just that it frees me up to be as true to the source as artistically possible.

There are still lots of textures that will bring out even more detail once I get them going, so I'm hoping to finish off the entire cockpit this weekend, and hopefully a good portion of the main hull. Then I can spend the really difficult time on the wings/tail area. This is going to be anything but a walk in the park.



It's looking good!

Dents and scratches (assuming that that is what I see, its hard to make out) should be in the direction of travel of the craft, from front to back. Comparing with airplanes you get a bare metal look at edges to the front of the craft very early int the crafts lifespan, Some models even choose to avoid painting wingtips and the like for just that reason.


Most of what you see is just "grunge" or maybe carbon build-up in the grooves of the ship. I haven't even tried to do dents and scratches yet. And if I do, it'll be much later.



You know, actually in space, you could get dents and scratches from all sorts of stuff in all directions, since in space, as soon as something takes on speed, it keeps that speed, which makes it possible to get hit from any direction. Just a thought.

Planes are different because the only thing that's going to hit them is from the front as they run into items.

Great work eclipse, wish I could do modeling like that.


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