A Work in Progress

Hey Folks,

This is my first blog post here and I'm using it to show you my next work in progress and asking for some feedback.

Here is a Rodian Hunter, I've got no back story on him yet, it was really just for fun. What does everybody think? Should I make any changes before I ink? Suggestions for backgrounds or additions to the image? Criticism or comments?


The inked version of the hunter is ready; next stop colour.


Flat colour.





Love seeing the blogs used this way!! And this one is looking really nice, love the perspective on it.

The only thing I can see right now that might be worth re-considering is the angle of the gun; not that there's anything 'incorrect' about it, but the way it draws one's eye makes it very easy to accidentally 'see' the figure as awkwardly stepping really high with the right leg rather than planted firmly on the ground  (which is what I assume the case to actually be!). Though the more I look at it, the more I think maybe just some good solid shadows from your hunter's feet might be all that's needed to stop any silly visual tricks from happening. I'd recommend a fairly simple background that just helps keep the sense of perspective - a path or a creek running across the top of the image, maybe?