Sexy Bothan Scoundrel, Elva Ney'Tiri

A request for swrpggm;

"Elva Ney'tiri is a Female Bothan scoundrel, she is a mechanic, so she should maybe have some sort of coverall or something? But it'd be form fitting and sexy, somehow. Lol. The character has high charisma, so she's good looking, and she knows it. She's a flirt all the way. She's not overly strong, but she's quick and lithe, and stays useful in a fight by "sticking and moving" or in other words running out, firing, and getting back in cover. She uses a blaster pistol in combat. You have a lot of freedom on this, cause I don't think the player has a clear picture in mind. :) the party met up with her on alderaan, where she was working for House Organa. She's an exceptional mechanic and, like all bothans, a smooth talker. She's talked the party out of more than one tight spot."


Wow. Didn't know it could be done. A sexy bothan. Sheeesh, there really is no limit to your talents.


Dont mind if I ask, but where is that very faint light blue highlight coming from? Nice work all round


Glad you all like!
I enjoyed doing this one!

Roz - it's really just there to lift her away from the background a little - most light is diffused, in real life, and though there is often different lighting on different areas of an object it's very hard to do it well... so I cheat!!


one word: Bothalicious! :)

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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