Jikrit - Kushiban Mechanic

New request from Kalenath.

"At least they warned us this kraking time." Jikirt relaxed a bit. his tail smoothed back to normal size and his ears relaxed back to their normal posture. "We just don't have enough borking people. And most of the time, we cover what we frakking can, and try and fix what we can as we fargling can." He folded his vibroblade and stowed it. "Maybe with your assistance..." he broke off as another voice came.

"Statement: Do you require assistance?" They both spun to see an astromech droid, but it spoke Basic. "Explanation: Sensors logged lifeforms in the danger area, do you require assistance?" The droid repeated. Jikirts fur changed color, from white to red to pure black. When he spoke, his voice was tautly controlled.

"Do we need assistance?" he reached into his toolkit and pulled out a wrench. The wrench was a meter long, twice his length. He hefted it like a two handed sword. "DO WE NEED FRELLING ASSISTANCE?" He charged the droid and swung his weapon.

"WE. NEED . STUPID. OSIK. FOR. BRAIN. DROIDS. TO. DO. THEIR. JOBS." With each word he hit the droid again. Loud clangs echoed down the corridor as he pummeled the droid. Finally after a massive overhand swing the droid collapsed in a shower of sparks. The berserk Kushiban hit the droid several more times before finally lowering the wrench and turning away. The droid tried to move away, trailing parts, but another blow threw it back to the deck. Jikirt turned back to Val. When he spoke again, it was in a calm voice and his fur shifted colors again, staying in red, showing he had calmed a little.

"We don't do droid repair." Without turning he hit it again.


Royally peeved Kushiban with a short temper.... Scary. !

Lovely work Mercy! The posture and expression is wicked :)

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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Lord Crumb

When a Kushiban is handling a wrench that is bigger than it is, it is best to not bother the Kushiban. LEAVE HIM ALONE!

Kia kaha


Tusserk -generally- gets along with other mechanics... I can't help but wonder how he'd fair with this guy!! Haha.

Look at that adorable little pinched-up angry face! Makes me want to have a go at drawing a Kushiban myself...


Looks like he needs to chill.

Hey, he would've been gret during the clone wars, smashing droids that pissed him off (meaning all of them)


Awesome I totally love this piece. lol. Great. :)
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