Zinoa - Singing Trandoshan

New Request from Kalenath:

"Zinoa is fairly young for a Trandoshan, only 22 years old. She has been a bounty hunter since she was thirteen and was thrown out of her home by her mother. But then, she wound up facing my main character Will Kalenath and getting the crap knocked out of her. Through a series of unfortunate events, she wound up clanless and serving on the Stormhawk, with her 'uncle' L'Trask, the medical officer aboard. She had issues and found that she could deal with them by singing.

Think Celine Dion as a light green scaled female Trandoshan and that is what I had in mind. Maybe have her in concert?

She is not very big, most Trandoshans tower over her. But size really doesn't matter when your heart is as big as Zinoa's turned out to be. Oh and one eye will be a slightly different color, as Will put it out when he beat her the second time. It regenerated."

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