Female Cathar Scoundrel

Yay look I finally finished a request! I get there in the end, I swear.

Derf's request for a lady Cathar scoundrel, hopefully my interpretation of the character fits the bill! The mention of her enjoying (and frequently cheating!) at card games is what really took my interest, I guess.

Hablyonus Pense

"They call it an 'Idiot's Array' for a reason... Mostly since only an idiot would risk 21,000 credits and a vintage Cutlass-9 on a set which has only has a less than 4% chance of occuring."

Nice one!

grados nakar'mir

"enter cheesy punch line here V"

(" i guess she's a cheating cheeta")

feel freeto slap or punch me for that one, but none the less yet another outstanding peice great job tusserk 


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