Amarath Shades - Kiffar Merc

REQUEST from Setie, to go with the 'Sith Runnaway' Picture;

"Amarath Shades is a kiffar mercenary with a rather intimidating appearance. At least now. An accident with explosives took her left arm and eye, causing her to get cybernetic replacements. She doesn't have a lot of money though so her mechanical limbs are second hand and no where near the nice sleek and human looking ones (like Luke got in Empire Strikes Back).

Even before becoming a merc and the accident she was a tomboy. Shades liked technology and was very handy with computers. Her skills with droids and explosives was nothing to sneeze at either. She is very much a combat tech for hire.

Her hair is black and shaggy since she forgets to get regular trimmings, but short to keep it out of her way. Her normal eye (right one) is a dark blue. She also has a red tattoo line that curls around her left cheek and crosses her nose before stopping in a point.

Amarath usually wears light armor so she can move in a fight and has all kinds of pouches and holsters for tools, grenades, and her blaster rifle on her back when she needs her hands free. Her arm has a computer she installed into it herself along with a switch blade that can come out over the hand. Kinda like the punch knife off the game Assassin's Creed but on top of the hand instead of underneath it.

Shades is a smoker and she usually has a cigarra in her mouth."

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Lord Crumb

I don't think she got her SIX MILLON DOLLAR's worth. She is certainly a tough looking character. Someone you would not want to meet in a dark alley. Great Job Mercy!

-LC :-)


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