Aryn Leneer

My take on Aryn Leneer who was Jedi Ven Zallows Padowan and then counter to the Jedi Councils order, attempted to avenge his death taking on his killer Darth Malgus along with the help of merchant Pirate and former Republic Officer Zeerid Korr. Her attempt was unsuccesful. For disobeying the Jedi Councils orders, Aryn Leneer was disowned and permanantly settled on Dantooine with Zeerid Korr and his daughter.

I have her in my version of armor with Ven Zallows Light sabre in her left hand.

Lord Crumb

You did an awesome job.  I loved the character in the book and how she makes a good decision not to fight Darth Malgus.  Showing Jedi wisdom there.  Two thumbs up.