Battle of Derilyn

This is a commissioned piece for IJ Thompson's cool new Space Combat Game found on his Elrood-Sector website, Tales of the Freespirit.

I'm very happy with how this piece turned out, particularly since this marks my return to paint after about 5 years away from it. It's the most complex painting I've done, filled with multiple objects of significant complexity. It's also a departure from my older painting style in that this is more deliberately 'painterly' as opposed to the smoother, more refined look of my other two paintings in my gallery.

When I accepted this project, I was not doing art of any kind. This seemed like a great opportunity to get working again... though I quickly (re)learned what a major undertaking oil painting is! Roughly 15 hours of design and 70 hours of painting later (spread over 5 months), I have reached the point where 'just drawing' is really attractive ;)

Medium: Oil on Masonite