Fix't, Verpine Tech.

Unlike our last campaign, this time a lot of us are... actually playing to species type. Which very much includes our little Verpine tech-head, Fix't. (Pronounced 'FIX IT', heh.) Jak calls him 'Slim', Evi calls him Bug-boy, though admittedly at the moment most of us call him 'strap him down and stop letting him TOUCH OR DO ANYTHING'. He's kind of a hilarious little character, but I do make quite a distinction between good character and good team member, heh heh. He'd get a thousand hugs From ten thousand lightning bugs.


Kewl how you did this piece. I totally dig how you did the background and foreground - dark, kinda moody, then the bright bug lights and bright illuminated fog. Could be a cave, or some other location. It makes the whole scene setting kinda mystical. The Verpine just reaching for those firelight bugs - just completes it all.

The character is also really cool, would be fun to have in a group. :)

As always, awesomely done Tusserk!

Core to the Quad baby!!!

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