Painfully aware of the precarious situation she found herself in, Kaiiah was careful not to make any sudden moves, keeping her breathing steady and calm as possible even while her expression betrayed her concern.

Lyrisal, with her huge and imposing frame, stood at the fore, and probably the best one for it, because the intensity radiating from the other two was, frankly, near overwhelming. Nines, equally imposing, her long blonde hair pinned tightly back and her red eyes smouldering uncannily, kept Crow in check. And Crow… Crow, whose own feelings were almost enough to sweep Kaiiah away as his slumped shoulders suddenly tightened and his breaths came out harder; “…he killed her. Ahuska. He fed her to a rabid animal!”

The tiny Cathar’s eyes grew ever rounder, pupils huge, and the pause that hung in the air felt like an eternity before she found her voice again. “This… isn’t what you think. Please,” her tone reflected resolve and urgency. “He’s… he’s no murderer. Put… down your weapons…”

Hablyonus Pense

Nooooo! You better not have! Not the bothan! 

((But nice glowing effect on the lantern, regardless.))


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