Het Kiit - Jawa Jedi

A request from wildjosh;

"Het Kiit

A Male Jedi Jawa from Tatooine. He is 24 years old and stand just over 1 meter tall with bright yellow eyes. Taken from his clan at a very young age due to the fact that the clan leaders discovered his ability to use the force. He recently graduated from the Jedi Academy on Corulag. Het Kiit wields a blue lightsaber, wears a black cloak and is always carrying his vox box and his utility pack. When faced with danger he often use the force rather then pulling out his lightsaber. He views himself as a gray Jedi and often flirts with the dark side. His views on the light and dark side differ from that of other Jedi, he views it as a bigger picture."

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I do like those projects that come quickly and feel like they just happen without me trying. They don't happen often, but this was definitely one. From sketch to completion seems to have taken me only about 2 and a half hours.
As I said before, I've never tried drawing a Jawa, but I am very happy with the result!

Lord Crumb

Another awesome pic by Mercy. It looks greats. It may be the way the hood falls across his eyes but he kind of sad.

-LC :-)


It might be just me, but I look at the eyes and they look sad somehow.

Oh it's a great bit of artwork for sure.

Just saw Lord Crumb's comment so I'm not alone.

Talo Slade

Amazing work as always Mercy! A Jawa Jedi is a concept most people would probably scoff at until they see this picture. You never cease to impress!


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