Kieran's Not Well

Just a little sketch of Tusserk's beloved Master, Kieran... at one of the not-so-high points in his life!

"Master, Master! Please, just-"
"Drop it, Tusserk."
"What's the matter with you? You're-"
"I said drop it."
"Perhaps you should listen to him-" that was Lonar, cutting in.
I didn't take that well, and turned on him with a snarl on my lips. "Shut up, Lonar, can't you see-"
"PADAWAN." That caught my attention, and I dropped my head instantly. "You're starting to annoy me. I think you need to take a bit of time out..." My guts, already in a knot since the moment Kieran had shown up, drunk and wretched, now knitted up tighter than ever.
"Yes, Tussek-"
When Lonar spoke, I pulled myself sharply upright, thrusting my chair forcefully aside. "There is only one person here I take orders from, Lonar," I hissed, staring the Twi'lek hard in the eye. "And it's not you." I jerked my hard stare away, and turned my eyes to Kieran. He was hurting, I knew it, and I ached for him. "I don't care what you've done, Master. I don't know what you're so ashamed of, but it doesn't matter. I am not going to turn my back on you."

But his wishes I obeyed, though I can't pretend it didn't hurt to leave the rest of them to it and take some time out in the engine room.


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