Ladies of Star Wars

I was asked if I would be willing to provide artwork for a star wars charity event and decided to try playing around with how watercolors would work on toned drawing paper. 

Each of the three pieces is 5 x 7 on Strathmore 118 gsm sketch paper that I cut out of a sketchbook and taped down after I transferred my original drawings. I think each took roughly around 2 hours, the process was interesting enough for me to want to continue to play around this way. 

I will probably buy a couple tubes of gouache if I do, because even working opaquely with the watercolor white proved to take a lot of layering to accomplish a tone. 

It was very weird to paint with watercolor on toned paper,  and I think by the time I got to Leia (who was last) I accomplished leaving more of the paper alone.  


I am so glad you posted this here. I saw the Amidala when you posted it on facebook, but seeing all three together is really great. Thanks for this!



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