Mrlssi Force Adept [Request]

Kel-Dat, a Mrlssi Force Adept (not to mention scholar!) as requested by The Fat Raconteur.


I concur. Awesome to the max.

One question though - books? Scrolls? In Star Wars??



Yeah yeah, I know, I have a god awful habit of including 'mundane' items in my sci-fi all over the place!

Partly I do it just because I like to... I enjoy the touch of familiar, and to me a stack of books says 'scholar' so much more vividly than a bunch of data disks or what have you. I also maintain that surely, in a galaxy so huge, with so many cultures at so many stages of development... surely, surely it's not unreasonable to believe that books and scrolls (and, well, y'know... PAPER!) have shown up somewhere?

(And well, part of me just wanted to draw a shiny bookmark.)


Books and scrolls are not extinct in star wars. At least I don't think it is....I've had a couple RP's where books and old old old old parchment were sources of ancient sith magik texts and such. It add's to the mystery and 'taboo' of the subject because it is not a common item in the universe it is being written into. Which just makes it all the more fun to write! ^_^


The Chiss have a known library of books that is explicitly detailed in the EU. As they point out, Books are much easier to prevent any sort of data loss to hacking.



Oh man!! This is so perfect!
I love the atmosphere you've managed to create here - my new favourite of yours, I think!


Very well done. :) And the books and scrolls are fine. With thousands of worlds and cultures I think there would be some around. ;)
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The Fat Raconteur

This is stunning.
I can't thank you enough, I can write all the words I want about this little chap but there's something corporal about your interpretation.

Thank you!

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Ahhh, and that's what makes it all worthwhile!! This guy was an absolute pleasure to create... I visualised him basically the moment I read your request, and am so glad to have been able to bring him to life for you.

You're more than welcome!!


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