Sando Aqua Jedi [Request]

Request from VashKnives of a Jedi Sando Aqua Monster, all in the spirit of good fun and nonsense.

Being a massive fan of these creatures, seems I'd rendered myself physically incapable of working on anything else until this was done, heh.


@Asok - Muahahahaaa. Well, the request did specifically mention a lightsaber appropriately scaled to the wielder...

Evan Black

Beautiful artwork! Even though I know it's part of the request, the lightsaber kinda ruins it for me.


*squee* This is everything I hoped for. And I must say the TIE fighters are a nice touch. Adds a sense of scale and a mental imaged of vacated bowels.


RUN!!!!! XD
Great job.... And that is a really big lightsaber.. ;)
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lol - that light saber is scary huge! In the spirit of the piece, I like it though! Great work... I ALMOST feel sorry for those poor pilots! :)


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