Solomani Space Station


Duel at Psinid K'arth Research Station
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Sri Thar discovered Walker Ryand when he left Pykrene to gather supplies, feeling the older Master's presence in the Force. Thar decided to set a trap for the Jedi, and allowed his Quey'tek mask to slip a bit, knowing that Ryand would feel him in the Force.

The Duel

Ryand took the bait and followed the dark Jedi to the research station in the Psinid-K'arth system. There, he attacked Thar, and with the help of a force crystal, came within moments of beating the Dark Jedi. Thar was able to draw deeply on the dark side and hold Ryand off until a key moment - the nova outburst.

The dark side energy of the nova, along with the terror of the station's researchers, allowed Thar to gain the upper hand. He wrested the crystal away from Ryand and protected himself with the dark side as the nova's tremendous energies sleeted through the station. The dark side energies released warped the nova's destructive output, causing the bodies of the researchers and Ryand to be alchemically fused to the station structure.


I wonder how the sylean word for "men of sol" showed up here, but I'm glad nobody is trying to steal it into the star wars universe.


I actually have a hole bunch of solomani station images. In my defense i stole it back in 91 when I was young and idealistic. Now I know better.


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