Triss Salute

A new Triss Picture at 18 yrs old!
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Picture drawn for this scene, found in New RP Thread!

"Ah...there you are my precious."

The object that he picked up was as black as the night, only viable by the glow of her sabers, when she stepped up closer for a better view, she noticed a gold tip. A beautiful peace of art, simple and deadly. But it was when the blade was drawn from its blackened sheath did she see it's true beauty.


Triss whistled in appreciation of the blade shimmering before her

"Ah good. I was worried she was damaged in the crash." He said, ignoring Triss's wide eyed wonder of the blade as he continued to talk about his blade "Can make another but the first blade is the best according to my master."

Triss smiled "Its beautiful” She said approvingly, but then she frowned, her question coming full circle “ but....what does a force sensitive like you, do with a blade like that? I saber could cut right through it...”

Again those haunted yellow eyes settled onto her, a knowing grin etched upon his noble face as he leaned forward "You sure your saber will cut right through it?"

Triss blushed and took a step back, her head lowering as she raised a hand to rub the back of her neck

"I Umm.... I thought lightsabers cut through anything?"

"Care to test that theory?" He questioned, those eyes still settled upon her like a hunter eying his prey, his smile turning into a sly grin as he mockingly taunted her "Just please go easy on me, I'm injured."

Triss appreciated a good challenge, and was always eager to fight those worthy of battle, it was both an honor and an opportunity to learn and hone in her skills.

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So it was only natural for her to return his smile, a sly and catty grin as she brought her saber up in salute

"A sith never goes easy on their prey"

She commented, and before the hunter could take his stance, Triss charged in, her eyes glinting with fire, ready for the challenge.


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