Tyr N'Darr Lightsaber

It always feels good when you set a goal and strive to reach, and complete it. I woke up this morning with one thing on my mind...get the photoreal view done today so my friend doesn't have to wait too long.

Seeing that I will be attending Siggraph's 2005 conference at the LA Convention Center these next couple days, I wanted to make sure I had made considerable progress on my commission before leaving tommorow.

Here is the photorealistic version of the lightsaber I've been working on for Tim. I have labeled this a prototype because I may have to make some changes if Tim asks me to do so but for the most part this is a finished project.

He has came up with the name,

Tyr N'Darr's Lightsaber
Knights of the Old Republic

He wanted a Darth Maul saber type finish and a brushed metal texture. Although I know Maul's saber is straight grays and silvers, I added just a hint of brown to it like the Master Replicas .45 version.


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