Human cutthroat; son of a Mandalorian Death Watchman [Hisham]

With the requests back up, I'm intrigued to contribute my own one.

Any work from any of you amazingly talented guys would be more than appreciated, since I can only illustrate with digital means (Photoshopping and digital coloring) and can't draw a straight line on paper.^^

Depending on the interest the request-taker shows, you can either draw full-color or lineart only, whatever floats your boat. Like I said, I can do the coloring myself, but if you're willing to do that on your own as well, that's cool too. :D

Also, the medium is up to you, as it the pose, shot and format... a portrait's just as cool as a full body illustration, I can work with everything. ;)

Now, to the character. He's called Berdan Ngajio Angantire, a new Mandalorian fanfic Original Character of mine, who hasn't been written into a story yet, but I may use him for an RPG, too. I created a very detailed and in-depth background for him, that I won't post here because it'd just keep everyone away from my request, when there's so much text. :P

So, I'll give you a very basic, general idea, and whoever's up to it, should subsequently read his profile over here.

Berdan Ngajio Angantire is the son of a former Death Watchman called Jegor Angantire, who joined the Mandalorian Protectors at the start of the Clone Wars. At the end of the war, his father died, and Berdan's mother abanoned him as well, giving him to a befriended Togorian family. Several years later, when he's old enough, he goes out into the galaxy to find what's left of his father's armor, and to track down an kill his mother for the cowardice. He succeeds in both, and is drawn more and more into the underworld, becoming a brutal, reckless and stubborn mercenary, cutthroat, spy-for-hire and informations broker.

Now that's only the very short version of his bio, you can read the rest in his profile.

But now to his appearance, which is copy'n'pasted from the profile:

Standing barely over 1,57 meters tall, Berdan wouldn't seem to make an impression in appearance, but he does. His muscle-packed and broadshouldered build (although he doesn't have a sixpack, there's a hairy chest and a little bit of a pot-belly to see instead, thanks to all the ale) makes most people think twice before voicing jokes about his size, and those who do voice them won't be doing much voicing anymore afterwards. His whole left torso, including upper arm, shoulder and a bit of his cheek and ear, are scored by burn scars from an explosion gone wrong, and his right eye sags a little bit thanks to a knife cut that nearly pierced his eye. He has greasy shoulder-length brown hair that he keeps braided most of the time, together with a finger-long disheveled goatee. The slightly reddish tone of his hair looks odd on his weathered skin that speaks of having seen a lot of sun. His low forehead is accompanied by a slight lantern jaw.

Over his father's dark orange battle-worn armor he wears a torn-off green poncho, under which a bandoleer full of incendiary and flechette grenades pokes out. Strapped to his thigh is a holstered disruptor pistol, and on the other side a short, curved vibrodagger. In addition to the thigh, knee and shinguards of the armor, he wears military-issue combat boots. Slung over his shoulder is a small backpack, where keeps his helmet most of the time, since he's seldom to wear it. Although it's a Death Watch helmet, barely be seen even among Mandalorians, he only dons it when he has to hide or protect his face.

Another detail from the article: he wears his father's armor, which has a lightsaber-blade-sized black hole in the chestplates above the heart.

To get an idea of his character, though, you will have to read the full article (see above), this is just serving as a teaser.

Now, how exactly you illustrate him is totally up to you, and I wanna give you at least the artistic liberty at choosing the pose and scene. :P No, seriously, this may be very detailed, but you don't have to stick 1:1 to the description, it's your interpretation of him. The only things I really want from you is the hole in his chest armor and the fact that some armor parts are missing, because they got lost. The armor itself is standard issue Mandalorian supercommando armor, like Jango wears it, but with a few customizations and a very battle-worn look with dents and scratches and so on.

So, let me hear what you think, and if there's any more questions from your site, don't hesitate to ask, either via this thread or by PMing/emailing me.

I have a big cast of several more original character, mostly Mandos, who would do cool illustrated as well, but that can wait.^^

So, to however so generous to take this request, thanks a lot in advance, I'll be in your debt, and I could perhaps repay you with some photomanip or coloring work. :P


That's great man, thanks a lot!

If you need any idea on his looks, Robert Knepper might have a likeness, but it's only an idea, not need to stick to him.


Request is completed, this thread can be moved to the Finished Requests, I think.