Two Jedi Padawans preparing for their trials [Drig]

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I'm in the mist of writting a short star wars story about two Jedi Padawan's getting ready to take their trials and would like someone to do the drawing for me. I am not that good at drawing myself but I doodle a litte.

The picture is two be of two Jedi Padawan's standing back to back faceing the viewer. The human male has brown hair and blue eyes welding a green bladed lightsaber and the other Jedi Padawan is a female Zabrak with dark hair and violet eyes welding a violet bladed lightsaber.
The female Zabrak should be just a little taller the human male.

The Jedi Padawan's trial is to solve the murder of former Black Sun associate and his family by a Black Sun Vigo's assassins on the planet Dantoonie.

Anyone taking this request, thank you. Lord Crumb


Any preferences regarding their clothes?
What kinda medium would you prefere?
In what ages are they?
What Era do they live in?
The female Zabrak, what kind of Zabrak is she of the two?
Does she have any particular tattoos yet?

I guess theese are some of the questions that a possible artist might wanna know...

interessting piece though i must say.


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Lord Crumb

In response to your inquire.
They wear typical Jedi robes with the Zabrak's cloak a dark brown.

The human male is named Liam Camwell and is 21. He is following the Jedi Guardian path and has had a brush with the dark side. He's trying to stay on the right path but it weighs on him. He has a Scottish look about him with brown hair and blue eyes. He is 5' 10" tall.

The Zabrak female is named Eerin Lumna and she is 20. She is following the Jedi Consular path and has a serene look about her.
Eerin Lumna is from the Zabrak homeworld Iridonia. Her horn pattern is triangular in the center of her forehead with two larger horns further up on the head. She has a series of geometric tattoos on her face. Her skin color is peachy white with black hair and violet eyes. She is 6' tall.

Their trials take place shortly after Star Wars Episode I: TPM

The background should be the Dantoonie landscape.

I am a little vague on medium meaning but I'll take a stab at it. I'd say somewhere between comic book style and realism.

They'll be facing Black Sun henchman and assorted underworld figures.


Medium means.... Black and white, pencil, ink, photoshopped, colored.... so on and so forth...


Y'know what - I think I'll take this one.

I'll start a blog and you can see what you think of the sketch.


Crumb your one lucky lord, Mercy is a GREAT artist!


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