Female imperial officer (LCDR) [Hisham]

Age: 25
Race: Human
Profession: Officer of the Imperial Fleet

Appearance: Jalaila is a young dark-skinned female human from Coruscant, serving in the imperial fleet as a medical officer, a few years after the battle of Yavin.
When you look at her, you will immediately notice, that she’s an attractive exemplar of the human race. She’s about twenty-five, not very tall( circa 5,4 feet) possess a graceful and slim body, a dark skin-colour and long, black, curled hair. Her light green eyes often attract the attention of the people, because they contrast in an interesting way with her dark skin. On her face you will always find a friendly mien, mostly accompanied with a smile.
As she is a doctor, she wears, during her service on Board of the ISD “Skull”, a special uniform for the medical officers. Sometimes, especially for official purposes, she wears a black common imperial officer uniform for female soldiers, with the rank insignia of a Lieutenant Commander. (Three red boxes above three blue boxes, with two officer insignia at the left side and one on the right).

Short biography:

Jalaila was born 22BBY just a few weeks after the beginning of the clone wars in Coruscant. Her Father served in the republic fleet as medical officer, while her mother worked as a doctor in the federal hospital of Coruscant. At least with those parents it wasn’t surprising that Jalaila already wanted to become a doctor before she started the school career. The change of the government, the fall of the republic did not have effect on Jalaila and her family, except for her father, who served now the imperial fleet.
The next years she caught the attraction of her teachers due to her excellent school performance and in the end she decided to realize her dream of studying medicine on the university of Coruscant.
She began to concentrate her studies on human and interracial neurology, specializing on the Human, Twi’lek and Bith Race. Her first heavy setback was the disappearance of her boyfriend, an engineer. Till then she had a harmonious relationship with him, who left a few weeks before the battle of Yavin the imperial university and joined the rebel alliance. To crown it all, her father died on the battle of Yavin, on Board of the imperial Death Star. In this Moment the young women decided to enter the imperial army after ending her studies, and to take revenge on the Rebel alliance.
Two years after the disaster of Yavin she finalized her medicine study with excellent grades and entered the imperial fleet as a medical ensign.