Basic kushiban character [Hisham]

This is a request for a basic male kushiban character I've created for an upcoming rpg session.

A few details...

Height: 0.54 meters (pretty standard kushiban size)
Weight: 7-8kg (standard again)
Hair: Standar white fur but feel free to take a little artistic liscense with coloring
Eyes: Amberish-Hazel. Once again, feel free to explore artistic freedom.
Personality: Not quite skittish, but perky and alert.

For gaming purposes, he does happen to be a jedi, but not a munchkin, lightsaber-wielding superweapon (no lightsaber at all actually). Instead he's a figure of espionage and stealth so if that could be taken into measure and somehow depicted in the illustration that would be more than appreciated. He wears no robes, and has no items of any kind on his person really. Essentially he looks like an average stray rodent and relies on that impersonation as a means of disguise. Quite capable with the force as he is indeed a jedi, a picture depicting force potential is also a possibility but whatever is easiest on the artist. If reference links are necessary for getting an idea of what kushiban critters really look like has a few good ones.

I'm looking for less of a cartoonish image and more of something on the realistic side. There's plenty of cartoony looking bunnies out there to pick from, and few images that have a sort of realism to them.

Anyways, can't wait to see what somebody has to offer...feel free to ask more questions if needed.