Rhen Sannin, Freighter Captain [Hisham]

After the Empire finally conceded to the New Republic to let sleeping dogs lie, Colonel Sannin retired. He'd really been retired since the Battle of Hoth. Desk jobs seem to be in short demand in the Empire, and his retirement package easily paid for the stock freighter that would help fulfill his dreams of being head of a simple shipping company.

Hoth was harsh on Sannin. The first walker that Wedge took down, Sannin was aboard. The fire took his right arm and leg. He'd survived, and gotten the standard medical replacements of the Empire.

Rhen is a 45 year old human male, 6 foot 1, brown hair with grey streaks on either temple. (Think Korso from Titan A.E.) Both his right arm and leg are VERY apparent mechanical replacements. He'll be shown in typical spacer gear, cargo pants, boots, khaki shirt and a brown vest full of tools.

Rhen will be the head NPC of my current SWRPG campaign. He will hire the PCs to run his ship for him. He'll only say he fought "during the Rebellion", and it may never be known to the PCs he was once an Imp. Friendly, and rather personable for a former Imp who gave it all for the Emperor.