Evelyn Tallon-Ravyn [Mercy]

It's been a long time since I've made a request so please forgive me if I'm rusty ;)

I'm hoping someone will be willing to take this one. What I'm looking for is sort of a family portrait/collage for my character and her husband. For this RPG that I'm in the character image is based off Kate Beckinsale and I've used a wide range of her looks going from the innocent appeal from movies like Click to the tough look in Underworld. So I'm open to her look. She's a Jedi that's been trained by her husband who is a Rebel in the Alliance.

Eve's personality went from naive to protector. She's got a family to watch out for namely her children with Will. She's roughly in her late 20s and Will is in his 30s.

Her husband's image was at first based on Ewan McGregor but was changed for obvious reasons ;) The image is now of Joe Flannigan (Stargate Atlantis). The personality of William Ravyn is that pretty much a smarta** but he is extremely loyal to the Alliance and will do anything to protect his family. He lost his family like Evelyn did in the destruction of Alderaan.

I was sort of thinking if the collage idea is used to maybe show a slow transition of their relationship using events in like the destruction of Alderaan etc. I'm really game for anything at this point. I'm just looking for something that I can post up on a bio page for them. If any more information is needed just let me know. I have some old signatures from image editing that might help. Like I said I just used the actors to help bring the characters to life. I'd like to see what another interpretation. Thanks :)


I've been thinking about this and want to change it up now. Instead of doing the family I want to just focus on Evelyn herself. I'd rather her be the focus of the piece since I think having the family would be a bit much to ask anyone to do. I'll give some info on her without having to post the link to her bio.

She was a lesser noble from Alderaan that was once naive about the ways of the galaxy until she lost her family in the destruction of her homeworld by the Empire. The way she found out was very similar to Obi Wan while she was on Naboo visiting her sister who had just had a baby. The loss of Alderaan caused her to sink into a depression that only her husband who was not on the planet was able to shake from her by training her in the ways of the Force. She used the Force to heal herself emotionally.

There have been occasions where she briefly touched the darkside only to be brought back by her family and friends. She worked as an intelligence officer for the Alliance to thwart the Empire until there was a change in the leadership causing her to part ways and become more of a freelancer.

She has adopted a more modern look for herself (doesn't tend to wear robes but something more functional like a jumpsuit or just casual wear that makes it easier for her to blend in) and carries twin sabers that interlock to create a staff when desired. Her sabers carry a look that blends Naboo and Alderaan heritage (I sort of equate it to something that may be rather Roman/Greek or even Elvish in design - an elegant weapon).


This one's pretty much done, but still haven't heard from the requester.
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This one got finished a while ago, though I don't recall ever hearing back from the requester.
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