Meelan Lah - Unusual Yuuzhan Vong


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An old request by ErikModi.

I haven't taken this before now because I just couldn't visualise the character and I still don't quite understand the blade description, but I've had a go at it, in the interests of continuing to clear out the old requests that have been up for a while. So here's the description;

"Her name is Meelan Lah, a Yuuzhan Vong warrior turned Shamed One turned. . . something else. Through a bizzarre encounter with a Force site, she wound up being imbued with Force Sensitivity, which caused all her scars, tattoos, and implants to be rejected, returning her to what a Yuuzhan Vong WOULD look like as an adult without all their ritual maiming. She's been naked so far in the game, since she can't wear Yuuzhan Vong clothing (Vong tech rejects her in all things, amphistaffs won't even obey her) and has refused to wear "unliving abominations," though she will relent shortly and wear either a functional dark jumpsuit or else armor styled after that seen in the Predator movies. She carries a weapon given to her by one of the PCs, a sort of halberd. It has a large blade at one end, flat and blunt on one edge and curved from point downward on the other, with a slot for the hand. Next to the hand slot, a short blade extends outward, meeting the heavy blade at a right angle. The rest of the weapon is mostly a long spear, with a speartip at the other end. Something like this:

Only more curved, sweeping, elegant. Mostly, though, I'd like to show my PCs what an unmodified Yuuzhan Vong looks like."



I've put her in a sort of makeshift clothing, like she'd just fashioned it to keep her modesty (and our PG rating, lets not forget) now that she can't wear the traditional organic armor of the Yuuzhan Vong, but before she decided to 'relent' and begin to wear a jumpsuit or whatever.


Thanks guys, I wasn't entirely happy with this one, to be honest. I think her head is too big for one thing. Maybe it will look better in colour. If not I'll just do another one.
~ Mercy


Looks really great! I've always wondered how a Vong would look without their ritual maiming...


Cheers guys! I'm quite pleased with it, myself, now.
I'll wait to hear back from the requester (same as the others) and we'll see what happens!


The coloring looks great, and I don't really think the head looks too large, just that it's from pose/angle.