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A very old request by Jerren;

"Character Name: Louen Keth
Profession: Jedi Weaponmaster
Age: 24
Race: Human (Kaldarian)

Description: Louen has soft facial features, with very little facial hair, he has quite long dark brown hair (in the same style as an older Jacen Solo). He dresses in ornate dark blue Jedi Robes with a gold trim and black combat boots. On his face are a number of silver zebra stripe style tattoos, which curve towards his mouth. He bears a Cyan double bladed saber, which has a thinner hilt than most sabers to lighten its wait, to compliment his Ataru style. Physically he stands about 6 ft tall, with a moderate build and strong upper body.

Personality: Unlike most Jedi, Louen manages to find the funny side of life, and he always seems to be in a good mood. This seems to get on the nerves of his good friend and rival Marn Falco, who is always out to get him in some way. Louen's trademark permanent smirk is a shining beacon of hope and annoyance to all his friends, and is borne even in the heart of combat.

A little Background: Louen was born on the Mid Rim world of Kaldaria in the Karthakk Sector, he was an isolated and antisocial youth, who other people seemed to be not only in awe of, but afraid of. Eventually a Jedi Master by the name of Kulikan Dravian arrived on the planet, scouting for propective Force-Sensetive youths. Upon finding Louen, he was inducted into the Jedi Order and trained under Kulikan Dravian until his knighting.

Current Info: Currently Louen and fellow Jedi Lune Liastar and Jak Coresson are heading to Ossus with Smuggler and Professional Gambler Marn Falco, in search of survivors of Order 66 (I wonder what they'll find..)

The pic: I was hoping one of you could do a pic of Louen standing in some kind of peaceful and calm enviroment, such as a lake or forest, with his lightsaber activated in an Ataru stance. Add anything you want, such as a wind effect to make it look cooler."

It's not a terribly interesting picture so far, but I figure it's about time this one got done...


Lord Crumb

Love the look of the robes. It is coming right along. Mercy once said it's all about tunnel vision and an understanding spouse.

-LC :D


Aw, that's sweet. This one may take a while to fill, actually. I have come down with Pneumonia and I'm, if not bedridden, somewhat couch-ridden. So I'll post more when I'm a little further through, but this one won't be done with my usual speed.
Luv and hugs, all.
~ Mercy

Lord Crumb

Sorry to hear about your Pneumonia, but drink plenty of cool liquids and eat lots of chicken soup. Tell the hubby to pack alot of blankets around you and be ready at your every call.

P.S. Read the most lol story about the New Zealand Airlines wanting to use bald men with messages written on the back of their heads to direct people to different areas of the airport.

Take care and get well,
-LC :-)


ha ha! Air New Zealand is weird, but I've never heard of something like that! You guys get the strangest stories about us...

Yeah, hubby is doing his best, but I am not an easy invalid. He has got me chicken soup, though! What a sweetheart :-)


Thanks for taking my request Mercy! Sorry to hear about your pneumonia and thanks so much for using your time to do my request, hope your getting better. I'll keep checking for updates, thanks, your great! :)


Hey Jerren, glad you found the blog! Yes, thank you, I am on the mend now and feeling much better than I was.

I did colour up the first one but decided I didn't like it. Second sketch, I liked the face but the hands were too small and I couldn't get the pose to look natural.
Third time's the charm and I've got the colour version done for it too. I have the feeling it's turned out a bit pirate looking, but I kinda like it now.
Let me know what you think.


However, may I ask why you decided not to go with the design on the first saber.. because I love it... :) ...

Oh yeah.. glad you are feeling better now :) .. Stay that way :)


Er, it was mostly that I forgot... I actually liked the design for the second saber, too, it just sucks that the one picture I forgot to do any saber designing on was the one I ended up colouring. I could probably do some designs on it now, but I don't know how well they'll work out and it won't look like the first saber at all. I may have to use that style in a later picture instead.
Thanks for the comment though, Xan, and yes I am definitely on the mend :)


Okay, here's a new one with a backdrop of stars that I had also forgotten I was going to put in, and some etching on the saber hilt. I think this looks better!


Jerren - if you're still about, can you let me know if this final image is what you had wanted? I need to know before posting it to Gallery...