A Jedi Knight of the Old Republic [Hisham]

Dear Artists,

I have been lurking here for quite sometime as I am an admirer of all the great work here. My personal background in art has been mostly restricted to video and digital, although I have been doing some sketches of late that are making some progress. I hope to share those here at some point in the near future and perhaps some of my other media art as well...

Anyway, I worked with an artist here some time ago (years certainly) who put together an incredible piece "Kiem Di-Vad" for my RPG character that was I playing. I have played him since then, and he is like my alter ego among my group of gaming friends.

As such I'm coming back here to see if anyone might be interested in working something up for a new character of mine. There is a certain amount of leeway of course, as I have been working on ideas for a little while now. I have put together an interesting background that I have pasted in below, which if you read will find a lot of detail and background on him without being too restrictive. The background is written creatively as well, as I did want to demonstrate it's going to be a really, really cool character once it's said and done :)

On to the details. Hopefully one of you fantastic artists would be interested in helping me out, and between these ideas and your work there lies at the end a very cool Star Wars character :)


The Di-Vad family has produced a number of individuals that have contributed to struggle of good and evil. From the Old Republic on to the Rebel Alliance and New Jedi Order, they have played a role in shaping the course of galactic history. Many courageous Jedi Knights have emerged from this bloodline in addition to a number of generals, pilots, smugglers, and statesmen that have always been committed to the greater good.

What hasn’t been made public until recently are the origins of the Di-Vad family. The furthest historians have been able to trace the Di-Vad legacy is the era of the Great War over 3500 years ago. Their first patriarch was a Corellian Jedi Knight named Leo Di-Vad who served the Galactic Republic against the growing Sith Empire. Most of the records concerning Leo’s adventures have been lost and forgotten through the ages. Until recently his existence was unknown to even the most wise, and what little information did exist was carefully guarded by his descendents.

With archeological efforts underway at The University of Coruscant, new information has surfaced along with scant details concerning his life and missions as a Jedi Knight in the Old Republic. One excerpt was taken from what must have been a private diary belonging to a young aid in the Galactic Senate. The selection concerns a diplomatic mission to the borders of the Sith Empire, and offers a vivid in-depth look at the man behind one of the most quietly influential dynasties in Corellian history.


“…Leo Di-Vad is a human Jedi Knight of the Galactic Republic, standing roughly six feet two inches tall and striking a visual balance between powerful warrior and graceful diplomat. Emerald green eyes take in the world through the loose strands of hair that occasionally play across his face. Most of his shoulder length mane is pulled back behind his ears to offer maximum visibility, although if what the other Jedi say is true, he has no problem sensing the individuals and emotions swirling around him.

I can only hope he does not sense my own thoughts. He is one of the married Corellian Jedi with family and I would not wish my presence to distract him…although perhaps a little distraction would be desirable…he does not realize how many of the females in the Senate watch him long after he walks away, and we are grateful the Council sends him to so frequently to help with negotiations. The life of a page can be dull at times considering how gridlocked the Senate has been since the Treaty of Coruscant. A girl can deal with only so much bureaucratic nonsense and petty squabbling. We must keep our sanity and wits about us somehow, and if I daydream more than I should…well…the Chancellor should be giving us more to do!

High cheekbones frame his aristocratic face, and it would be easy to mistake him for royalty. Yet his demeanor is quite the opposite. Leo goes out of his way to assist those around him, and makes you feel like the most important person in the universe. His weathered dark leather tunic betrays the field missions, and while he is not yet old there is an air about him of experience and wisdom beyond his years. You can see that in his posture and wistful smile. Leo is one of the most respected in the Order, and the two cylinders that hang from his brown utility belt remind us of his prowess in battle. I have heard tell of the blue and green blades he wields as a Jedi Guardian, and it will be only a matter of time before he sits the Council…which will be a sad day as thereafter I will have to find reasons to visit Tython…

If we could select a real man of the people in the Senate, Leo Di-Vad would be the choice of many across the Republic…and would certainly win my vote as he has my heart…

I have to finish packing as must hurry along to the Senator’s office. We are meeting Leo in the hanger before we depart for this cursed diplomatic mission. I wish these politicians would realize how senseless this whole ordeal is. The Sith do not intend to keep the peace and they never will…”


Standard guidelines that might be helpful. These are just ideas for the character design, so any poses, robe or just tunic, etc. is completely up to the artist.

*Human male
*Age 32-42 years old
*6’2 fit and trim
*Dark brown hair with light graying at the temples
*Green eyes that possibly reflect intelligence, wisdom, kindness, but weary
*Dark brown leather Jedi Tunic very weathered and beat from the field
*Darker brown leather utility belt
*Two lightsabers, one is modeled in the same fashion as Obi-Wan’s from Episode III/ANH and does have a blue blade. The other handle can be complete artist creativity but must have a green blade. The blades do not have to be shown, but handles are a must obviously.
*Good words to describe this character: statesmen and reluctant yet very capable warrior

Thanks Guys! Let me know what you think...


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Kiem Di-Vad

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Any other info you want commentary on, or input, give a shout!