Ce'Nedra Nasio 2.0


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Okay, so here's my next attempt at this character.
I'm pleased with the sketch, and I'm much happier with the wrench - it looks much more real. However, I'm no so pleased about the colour so far. I mean, I kind of like the 'Chalk and Charcoal' effect I seem to be getting here, but I'm just not loving it. I think I may have to start this again, altering the style, and see what we come up with...



I have to agree. The drawing is great! Just try another coloring technique.



Sorry, yeah that's what I meant!
I'll start colouring it again, I wasn't going to throw away the sketch too!

Cheers, guys!
~ Mercy


Well, i haven't seen the description of what this character is supposed to look like.. I like the texturing of the skin, but don't know about the color, seems like she's kinda grey. But like I said, I don't know what the actual request is supposed to look like. I'd give more help, but I'll say I do like the texturing on it.


I remember her.. she looks good Mercy.. just a thought.. since you said you weren't accurate with the clothing to begin with. He said that she had something like chaps on, that had pads in them.. If you've ever seen Chaps, they actually tie around your leg, and are an extra set of padding of leather. Just thought I'd mention it. She does look good though :)

((And chaps go from waist to ankle, on the front only.))

EDIT: nevermind, I see where the chaps are now. without coloring can't really tell with my untrained eye :)


Thanks Xan! Since I'm not familiar with Chaps I did wonder if I was getting them right!


Awesome! It's like a Star Wars vision of Phil Fogilo's "Girl Genius". Well done. Love the perspectives on the wrench.



Chaps are what Cowboys where on their legs. Just look up cowboys and you should get some pics worth the effort (I would think).



Mercy, I really like what you have sketched out so far. And while I loved how the clothing looked the first time around, I really like this set a little bit more. It seems more tech-ish, but still makes me look like like a sexy chick who can rip a droid apart and beat someone with the parts! As for coloring I think you're doing cool so far, just go with what calls to you and while I would like to see her in full color like the first one since her reddish gold curls are as much of a trademark as her giant wrench, please know that I will be happy either way 'cause you are my friend and are the one doing me a favor and well you just rock :) I look forward to seeing how she turns out :)


Thanks guys!

The pic is up - I'm still not completely happy with it and the mist seems to have taken over somewhat... Still, it's not bad.

I just have to stop looking at it now! I'll come back to it later.

Lord Crumb

This one matches the description better but the darker colors, facial expression, and clothing give her a darker personality. It looks great but I still perfer your v1.0 and she still looks hot! Keep drawing away Mercy.

-LC :-)


Wow Mercy! I really like how she turned out. She looked great both times, but I think this is more of how I pictured her. Awesome job my friend and thanks again for another rockin drawing! :)