Rol Rel Faast (Lurmen Jedi Knight) [Hisham]

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Rol Rel Faast
Species: Lurmen
Sex: Male
Planet of Birth: Maridun (5 BBY)
Height: 1.3 m (4.3 ft.) standing fully erect.
Weight: 30 kg (66 lbs.)
Eyes: Yellow
Fur: Brown with white streaks
Lightsaber: Green bladed Shoto.
Rank: Jedi Knight
Specialization: Force-enhanced acrobatics and running (on all fours) or rolling into a ball. Rol Rel is also skilled in Force camouflage and Ataru (Form IV).
Apparel: Jedi robes.

Bio: Rol Rel Faast is a Lurmen born Force Sensitive in the year 5 BBY. He grew up in a small village on Maridun where he would often use his gifts to help his fellow Lurmen. When Luke Skywalker opened his academy on Yavin IV, Rol Rel journeyed there to train as a Jedi and return home someday to be his peoples protector. He was an acommplished Ataru practitioner were his natural acrobatics abilities were enhanced with the Force. After Rol Rel completed his training he served the Jedi Order for a time before returning home but often would leave to assist his fellow Jedi during their times of need. Rol Rel died during the Yuuzhan Vong invasion protecting Lurmen Noble Wenn Del.

Scene: The pic is of Rol Rel Faast in some form of acrobatic movement with his lightsaber drawn. The background can be white or whatever the artist thinks will apply to Rol Rel Faast and his movement. Examples: Forrest, Training Course, and/ or etc...

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*Edit Note* I took Asok's idea of changing the name to Rol Rel Faast.

Lord Crumb

Well, it did make sense as he can roll into ball to move long distances so I decide to take your suggestion and change the name. Thanks for the idea.

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But ye be warned. Mine Wacom is still Wacky, thus depriving me of nice, clean digital daubs of paint. I will have to do this old school.