A Tech Specialist Walks into an Insane Asylum [Hisham]


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Okay, so, me and my friends just started a new campaign and you would not believe how hard it is to find a picture of an Eighteen year-old Anomid Tech Specialist on google.

Anyway, my request is, of course for an Eighteen year-old Anomid (http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Anomid) tech spec. He usually wears a T-Shirt and Cargo vest, and cargo pants to hold all of his equipment (a crazy amount of sensors and tool kits) he constantly wears combat gloves and futuristic style Chuck Taylor Allstar high tops (he also has the standard vocalizer mask). He is completely bald and not quite as creepy looking as most Anomids. He worked at a restaurant until a Pod-Racer crashed into it in an assassination attempt and he (along with his friends) got chased by members of the Emperor's Hand.

Basically, I'd just like a picture of him standing, looking at his data pad. There doesn't have to be background, but if the artist so chooses, he lives on Mon Gazza, but really, anything would be fine.


We need to get more artists on board with this trend of completing requests so fast that we have to travel back in time to accept them.




Request written, accepted and completed at THE SPEED OF LIGHT. And a fine job done with it too! Impressed is me.