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Genetically enhanced to be a super soldier from even before she was born, she is one step removed from madness. So her family, which is a lot of people now INCLUDING my Bladeborn, are trying very hard to keep her sane now.

Her armor is standard Mandalorian armor at that point, it is a dark grey. Any color that seems like that would work. Her black hair is cut short to fit better under a helmet, not military style short, but not down to her neck.
She is not distinctive in any way but her eyes, she likes it that way. She has the 'thousand yard stare' that you see on combat vets in her eyes, awful for a fourteen year old.

Sara is fifteen, average size for her age, but well muscled and well developed. The people who raised her in cells until she was 12 wanted the ultimate salve super soldier. She has black hair and green eyes, just like her brother Will. In this scene she was wearing full armor, but you can show her without a helmet and with a wide, somewhat maniacal smile on her face. She is NOT all that tightly wrapped, and VERY protective of family and friends.

link to The Taming of the Shades HERE



O.O Um... yeah...... Don't want to meet HER in a dark alley. Scary she be. But hey... That is Sara.


Not to tightly wrapped Mandos at that. But Sara has reason to be nuts... Oh BOY does she have reason...


Nice... Here is the scene. And here is why people tend to walk VERY carefully around Sara.


"Heh, you don't negotiate with Zim. You take what he offers. Kiffar schutta's the only one that had the balls to even try, and look where that got her. Slaving away for him anyway. She just likes to think she's got her own life."

Sara sighed. "And you just think you have yours. Well, gonna try and escape now? Please do. I would have let you go, with more money than you have ever seen, UNTIL you threatened her mother with being a lab rat and organ donor. I have BEEN both pal." As Sara turned slightly away, the hunter seemed to vanish completely. “OYA!" Sara shouted and the entire clearing seemed to explode in fire and flames.

Shades jumped not to far away. "Osik! Sara!" She kicked herself for letting her temper run off with her. Now Maria was gonna kill her for a bounty hunter blowing her daughter up.

T'ad grabbed her before she made it a step. "You are not in armor, wait a sec..."

A form came striding quickly out of the flames. Sara's armor was scorched, but she held a misshapen skull in her hand. All the flesh burned off of it. She started tossing it from hand to hand. Shades' voice was only slightly shaky when she spoke.

"Creation Sara I got enough on my plate without a heart attack over you blowing yourself up!"

Sara looked at her and shook her head. Then she looked at the skull in her hand. There was a grin in her voice when she spoke. "Did you order that bounty hunter regular, grilled or extra crispy?”


Hey man! I'll add that to the gallery piece, k?

Couldn't get the head in, though - I don't think we'd get away with it in a PG site!


True, drat... But yeah, keep it family friendly.

(Edit) Would a skull be too graphic? Now that I think about it... Probably.


Loving the composition and colour scheme of this one!

That firey background is fantastic. :D


Cheers guys!

New colour version up - not sure about the knocks in the armour, something I need to work on I think...


Okay, I'm gonna load this one. I've touched up the scratches some - well you'll see once it makes it to gallery.

Eben Shadestalker

Remember Valkryie Cain ........ she wouldn't mess with Sara and She's CRAZY hell i have a character that almost died fighting off 3 sith beasts and she would fight Sara bic ori mesh'la vod'ika (translation: very beautiful, little sister/brother )