A request to heavily modify the YV-545 into an attack ship! [Hisham]

I was hoping someone might be interested and want to take up the challenge of drawing an extremely modified Corellian YV-545 Transport light freighter that I'd like to use in a RPGing for my Zeltron (Neutral/Good) spacefaring pirate.

This is what I had in mind as far as the Starship schematics and specifications goes:

Her ship was a customized Corellian Engineering Corporation YV-545 Transport light freighter, The Queen of Air and Darkness, which had been modified both the exterior and interior to expand for extra crew and cargo space. Its stock body was ringed by sensors and maneuvering thrusters, which gave it exceptional maneuverability. It could rival most starfighters in performance and was a popular ship with smugglers and pirates, who liked to modify the YV-545 into an attack ship. This is why Captain K’Ehleyr had whole sections customized, mass-produced and arranged into new configurations as needed without extensive retooling. As well as being reconfigured for advanced targeting and combat-oriented systems: 2 Double Light Turbolasers (retractable, Class 5.3), 2 Dual Heavy Laser Cannon Turrets (dorsal and ventral, Class 5.3), 4 Forward Light Ion Cannons (partial turrets fire-linked pairs, class 4), 1 Forward mounted Autoblaster (partial turret, Class 3.6), 2 Proton Torpedo Launchers (Class 9, 7 SU, 24 Warheads total) and tractor beam controls. The freighter’s also had its fuel efficiency increased, upgraded and retrofitted to a Series 401 hyperdrive motivator installed, as well as improvements to its sublight speed and maneuverability with an outfitted banks of dorsal fin maneuvering jets.

Is this design possible?...

Wookieepedia entry on the YV-545 Light Freighter: http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/YV-545_light_freighter

Lord Cygnus

Oh my gosh, Hisham, its wonderful and I love what you come up with!! How did you ever design and finish the ship so quickly? =O_o=

Lord Cygnus

Hisham's completed imagine for my request of a customized Corellian Engineering Corporation YV-545 Transport light freighter made **Featured Art**. That makes me doubly proud of the artwork that Hisham created and then gave to me!!