Wookie in *ahem* "battle harness" [Hisham]

Yay new Star Wars campaign! My best friend, and long time rpg compatriot, has called dibs on the Wookie Pit Fighter pre-gen that comes with the new FFG Star War Boxset. The game essentially starts off with all the characters being tied together by virtue of a hutt npc that they work for/are indentured to, before breaking away to explore the galaxy. This wookie is the star attraction in the hutt's weekly fighting tourney where all the local scum and villainy go to bet on the blood sports. Being the best friend that I am, I immediately saw an opportunity to tease my friend and couldn't pass it up:

Me (shootin' the breeze with the DM): So I hear Jasper's going to be play the wookie?

DM: Yeah, no surprise there, dude loves him the tank classes.

Me: Totally...so this wookie is like the hutt's most prized fighter, right? Really strong and intimidating, lots of wins?

DM: That's right.

Me: So the hutt might be pretty proud of his fighter and want to jazz him up in the ring, or when he's showing him off at the after parties?

DM (grinning conspiratorially, as he knows me all too well): Yes, I think that is very true. I don't suppose you might have any ideas about what sorts of fashion that this hutt might consider "macho"?

Me: Oh, do I ever.

So here's what I was hoping to see--a wookie pit fighter dressed in the outfit of Sean Connery's character, in his most seminal work "Zardoz"! http://blogs.seattleweekly.com/reverb/zardoz.jpeg

Feel free to lose the hand gun altogether, the long braid and mustache are cool though. I hope this request tickles someone's fancy, as much as it did mine.


I totally had my eye on this request for the while five minutes it was available. ;)

Nicely done, Hish.