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The request for artwork of the AT-ST/A variant and the AT-AR variant walkers. The AT-AR wasn't took hard to find some reference material. The AT-ST/A wasn't so easy. Based on the description from the Star Wars Wiki, it is basically a mix of a AT-ST and a AT-XT prototype so I decided to give it a AT-XT cockpit and a AT-ST body and legs.

My original intention was to do this as a 3d model, but with the serious lack of images for these two vehicles, I just don't have enough source material do it correctly. So a traditional drawing is on the table for this request.

1. Line work done.
2. Added color to the AT-ST/A



Thanks! It's nice to get back to good ol' tablet and photoshop work every now and then.

Added color to the AT-ST/A. I went with blue since that felt Imperial to me.


There does seem to be a bit more personality to a hand drawing with the not-so-straight lines and the imperfections in the coloring/shading.