EDGE Character request - Devaronian gambler/scoundral [Hisham]

I'd like to get a nice, gritty picture of my character capturing his persona as best as can be. Not looking for cartoony style, but more of the realistic/fantasy gritty dirty style.

About the Character:
Name: Badji Hida
Occupation: Scoundral/Smuggler

Badji is a smuggler by trade, and gambler by habit. He pays his many debts and gambling costs running illegal goods around the outer rim, as well as buying and selling. He is the perfect example of an opportunist. No chance to make a few extra creds passes him by. He has no problem exploiting whatever circumstances he finds himself in for the chance at making some money. His gambling goes far beyond just casinos and backroom card games, he is known to bet on the most frivolous things at the most inappropriate times...he has a problem. :)

That being said, he is loyal to his friends, few that they are, and will risk much to help them. He is a fairly sharp dresser, and usually has a sly smile on his face (often to express whatever shady plan or deal his mind is cooking up). While his attire is usually nice, it isn't just for looks. He wears a heavy padded armor jacket, his pants are slightly padded as well, a loose belt holds a satchel pouch on one side, and a holster on the other. he carries a blaster pistol. The pistol is of this design:


His eyes are small, horns of medium length, skin hue doesn't matter. His height is somewhat short in stature, maybe 5' 10" or so. Weight is light with an average build. He is fairly lean. I'm not sure what sort of setting I would like to see him in, I guess whatever an artist thinks displays his nature best.

There are a lot of tremendous artists on this site, and I really couldn't narrow down to just one I liked best for a request, so I just figured I would put it out there and see what people come up with :)

Be sure to sign any work so people in my homegames know who did it, and if you want to put any links or anything at the bottom corner to your site or anything as well, I have no problem with that.

Thanks! Chris


Oh, my bad, I put it in the title but forgot to mention it in the body of the post :)
He's a Devaronian.