Feldar T'kappi - One-Armed Chadra-Fan Jedi [Hisham]

Okay. Been a while since I made a request here, and never had one picked up, so here's hoping this one intrigues people a bit.

I've got a new character that I'd like an image for. His name is Feldar T'kappi, and he's a Chadra-Fan Jedi. He's got typical brown fur and black eyes, typical height (0.96m or 3'2", to be exact-ish), and so on. However, during a battle in which the Jedi Temple was mostly destroyed, debris tore his right arm from his shoulder. He will (but has not yet) replace the arm with a droid arm, in the approximate shape of the one seen here, but with more gears and servos, such as the one seen here. Ideally, the droid arm would replicate Feldar's own anatomy (same number of fingers, for example).

As far as his personality goes, he fits most readily into the Jedi Consular class. He listens first, then speaks, and only fights as a last resort. He seeks to make the best of all things, no matter how dire things get.

I'd prefer a pose that is not combative, given his personality, but if you want to include his lightsaber, here are a few details: He built the blade himself, and his species' natural technological abilities played a part in making it as complex as it is. The silver-blue blade is almost icy in color, due to the particularly rare type of sapphire Feldar used in its construction. The lightsaber has a standard hilt and, under normal circumstances, is the length of a short lightsaber. Its triple-phase system, however, can shorten it to the length of a Shoto or lengthen it to a standard single-bladed lightsaber with ease (the colors are the same at these lengths). The contours on the hilt fit Feldar's small hands perfectly. He carries the weapon around his waist, where it was when he lost his arm.

Setting is not particularly important to me, but if you want to do some scenery, jungle or the ruins of a temple in the jungle are appropriate. Here are some ideas for poses: he could be fiddling with his lightsaber, comforting someone who is wounded, speaking with another Jedi, or just standing there.

Okay, to sum up: Chadra-Fan, Jedi, right arm is a droid arm (see links above for inspiration), preferably not a combat pose, jungle or temple ruins if you want to work with scenery (and if you don't, that's fine, too).

If you want more details, just post here and I'll get back to you.